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At CherriCare we want our customers to know as much information as possible about their mastectomy needs. Cherri Lolley, the owner and founder, is a certified mastectomy fitter. We carry a large supply of bras and prosthesis from the best brands including: ABC, Almost U, Nearly Me, TruLife, and Classique. Below are a few facts to know before (and after) coming in for a fitting.

Medicare allows one silicone breast form every two years; two silicone breast forms for bilateral mastectomies. Standard silicone is the closest in texture and feel to a natural breast. It also holds its shape in water. Medicare allows one foam breast form every six months, two for bilateral. Breast form prostheses are considered a medical device and are regulated by the FDA

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The average functional life of a mastectomy bra is three to six months, depending on how often it is worn and the care that it receives. An appropriate mastectomy bra and breast prosthesis fitting is not merely for cosmetic reasons. When a breast is removed, the body is no longer in balance and will compensate with slight curving of the spine and “shoulder drop.” Both conditions can lead to chronic lower back pain.

Wearing the incorrect size bra that does not fit properly or forces the breast form into a different shape can cause the form to crease or to be distorted. Even a five-pound weight gain or loss can change your bra size. Mastectomy bras wear out and stretch, losing their elasticity quicker than other bras. A worn-out bra can cause your breast form to pull away from your chest wall, causing a heavy feeling and back strain.

We carry a variety of brands and styles to help accommodate each woman.

Post Mastectomy Bras

We sell prosthetic breast inserts in all shapes, colors, and sizes!

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