About Cherri

Cherri grew up in Africa where her parents were missionaries. She lived in Southeast Africa until she was 18 at which point she moved to the states "to go to school in America". After college she worked as a nurse at Baptist Mount Claire in Birmingham, AL before moving to Owensboro to start a life. She was inspired to begin CherriCare after the birth of her daughter, Emily, who was born with multiple disabilities. As a nurse Cherri knew that her daughter needed more care and attention than what was being provided for her. Cherri quit her job to become a full-time care giver; this gave her the idea to start a company that provides care for people with disabilities and their families. Cherri resides at the same location she opened in the Thatch in October of 1997.

Cherri is a dedicated, loving mother to four boys and a girl, and is actively involved in the community. Beyond successfully running her business and maintaining a healthy bond with all of her children and loving husband, Cherri is actively involved with Girls, Inc. and the Wendell Foster’s Campus for Developmental Disabilities.

In 2012 Cherri was awarded the Girls,Inc. Athena Award which is presented annually to an individual in our community who has achieved excellence in business or a profession, who has served the community in a meaningful way, and has assisted women in developing their leadership potential.

Stop by and see Cherri today, and see why this independent businesswoman is in a class all her own.