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According to research more than 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. Shocking? Not really. Most of us realize when a bra doesn't fit correctly. Aside from the obvious discomfort that accompanies wearing a size too small, wearing a bra too large is quiet apparent. Here are a few identifiers that you need a proper fitting:

  1. Your band has risen above the level of your under-wire. Most of the support comes from the back band, it should lay comfortably and nicely level.
  2. You are fastening your bra on the innermost hooks. It's really all about the band. It's been found that throughout the lifetime of a bra the band will stretch about three inches; therefore, you should fasten a new bra on the outermost hooks.
  3. You are rocking some serious quad-boob. When the lovely ladies seem to have doubled-over the top of your bra, it's time to stop the torture. Breasts should be well contained within the cup. Bulging above the bra or underarm edges means the cup is too small.
  4. The wire has begun to encroach or even cut into the breast. This can damage the tissue so a proper fitting is really needed. All wires and fabric should lay smoothly against the skin.
  5. The straps of your bra are digging into your shoulders. As noted earlier, the support comes directly from the band of the bra rather than the straps. Do not tighten your straps to attempt lifting the breasts, a larger band will do the job.

At CherriCare our boobologists are certified and equipped to determine the right size for you. We currently carry sizes 30AAA-56M in a beautiful assortment of styles. We also carry lingerie!!

We carry a variety of brands to accommodate every woman! If we do not have it in stock, we will special order.